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Professional Quality
Whitening System

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Celebrities Across America are Whitening
their teeth because IT WORKS!

  • Easy to Apply
    Brighter, Whiter Teeth in Just Minutes
  • Great Results At Home
    Teeth Whitening at Your Convenience
  • Risk-Free Affordable Whitening
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Introducing the #1 Selling
Teeth Whitening System

Noticeably Whiter and Brighter Teeth

Without Expensive Procedures

DentaBright Pro is a at home solution that can deliver whitening similar to those you'll get by visiting your dentist. Save the time and the money spent at a dentist with an at home teeth whitening system. You'll see similar results and have that whiter and brighter smile you always deserved!

Removes most stains, including common teeth-stainers like Coffee, Smoking, and Tea. Using DentaBright Pro you can erase years of damage and have brighter and whiter teeth than ever before.

Using DentaBright Pro Is
Easier Than Ever Before!

  • Apply the DentaBright Pro gel to the inside of the DentaBright Pro mouthguard, Bite down on the mouthguard and press the button to activate the LED catalyst.
  • Keep the DentaBright Pro mouthguard with whitening agent in according to the instructions within the kit to achieve the
    number of shades you are seeking. Rinse when finished.


Soft Brushed Whitening Pen For Extra Bright Teeth & Whiter Finish

Remineralizing Gel Refine Oral &
Teeth Surface

Enhanced Led Light
Rapid Teeth Whitening

Unique Attachable
Mouth Guard

Whitening Gel
reinforce whitening with
enhanced ingredients

Get 14 Shades Whiter Teeth
in just a few day

Clinical Studies Prove
Teeth Whitening Works!

The Science of White Teeth, Safer and

More Effective Than Ever Before!

As years go by, our teeth gradually lose their natural whiteness. Our teeth also get stained from drinking coffee, tea and wine; thereby making them look dull. Thanks to our proven active ingredients these stains can be erased by penetrating the enamel which serves as our teeths covering. Breaking apart the stains that typical brushing cant reach, DentaBright Pro may remove stains that have hindered you from giving your best, widest smile all these years.

"Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Based on clinical studies, 96 percent of patients with these kinds of stains experience some lightening effect. Other types of stains, such as those produced by tetracycline use or fluorosis (too much fluoride), respond to bleaching less reliably."

-American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA)

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Benefits of
Denta Bright Pro

Whiter Teeth
After 10 Minutes


Mouth Piece

Future Stains

Harmful Chemicals

Not Tested
On Animals

Teeth Whitening has been Featured
in National Publications and on TV

Tooth Whitening Leads in Cosmetic Dentistry

"An informed do-it-yourself approach may be cheaper and ultimately just as effective as going to your dentist. Costing $200 to $400, the kits work as well as or better than
in-office treatments, according to Matis (director of research at Indiana University School of Dentistry)."

Teeth Whitening #1 Request from Patients

"According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening is the #1 request from patients between ages 20 to 50. CNN Anchor - Paula Zahn: "And the kits you can use at home that I guess are the low-cost version of what a dentist might offer that would be much more expensive."

Teeth Whiteners work-get a
Hollywood smile

"Professional teeth whitening in a dentists office can brighten your smile but it can cost hundreds of dollars. Over the counter home whitening costs far less, plus you can get professional dental results at home."

Teeth Whitening may be Ideal for YOU!

"Teeth Whitening is ideal for people who have healthy, unrestored teeth (no fillings) and gums. Individuals with yellow tones to their teeth respond best. But this cosmetic procedure is not recommended for everyone. Tray based tooth whitening systems, purchased either over-the-counter or from your dentist, involve filling a mouth guard-like tray with a gel whitening solution."

Real People
Amazing Results

"I love my new smile! I feel happier and more
beautiful than ever before,

I used to be afraid to smile around my friends because of my stained teeth. Now I can go out with friends, without worrying about if yellow teeth will ruin my evening.".

- Grace P, United States

"I've been a chainsmoker for decades but thanks
to this product I can smile again!

My wife love my new smile, I bought her a kit as well and she's looking better than ever. Best of all, I qualified for a special discount, making this super cheap. Thanks for the great deal!".

- John D, United States

"It only took a few extra shades
but that made the difference in my life,

finding a job is hard enough, but I never had that extra boost to put me ahead of the competition, with DentaBright I was able to land my dream job with a winning smile!".

- Jolly P, United States

"A parent's job never ends and I've
never had the time to whiten my teeth before,

but its so easy. I can clean up after the kids, care for my youngest, and get a brighter smile while I do it. A complete game changer!".

- Sally F, United States

Get 14 Shades Whiter Teeth
in just a few day

Why DentaBrightPro is the #1 Whitener
See The Difference!

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Professional Quality
Whitening System

Get Your Teeth

"Celebrities Across America are Whitening
their teeth because IT WORKS!".

  • Easy to Apply
    Brighter, Whiter Teeth in Just Minutes
  • Great Results At Home
    Teeth Whitening at Your Convenience
  • Risk-Free Affordable Whitening
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee